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Project Insecurity || Hacking/Programming Mentoring Service || Begninner to Advanced
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Hacking/Programming Mentoring Service:

Here at [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register], we offer a wide variety of training and mentoring services relating to Computer Security, Bug-Bounty Training, Programming and Application Development, Networking, Server Administration, and various other elements of computing (if you do not see the topic that you wish to learn listed below, please contact us as there is a chance that there may be mentoring sessions available for it).
Before starting your mentoring sessions, we will quiz you on your current skill level and which specific topics you would like to learn. We can teach both at a beginner and advanced level. Even some of the pro hackers will learn some things. We guarantee that. If not, then we're prepared to give you a 50% refund, but we think you will be more than satisfied with the skills we teach you. Our reasoning for asking about your current skill level and which areas you want to improve is so that we can custom-tailor our mentoring sessions to fit your specific needs. If you are a complete beginner, we can cater to that and teach you from the ground up.

Available services and prices:

General Hacking Training
1 HOUR: $40

10 HOURS: $300
25 HOURS: $500

Training Content:
  • Web Application Security (such as SQLi, XSS, XXE, RCE, SSRF, CSRF, SSTI, and a wide range of other attack vectors)
  • Network Security (such as VLAN Hopping, MITM, Wardriving, WPA2-PSK Cracking, MAC Flooding, Packet Interception, and many other techniques)
  • Physical Device Security (Various methods of compromising a machine if you have physical access to it. For this category we will offer mentoring at half price).
  • Application hacking (such as Buffer Overflows, Format String Exploitation, Race Conditions, Application Fuzzing, and many other techniques including bypasses for the likes of ASLR other protections put in place within modern executables)
  • Reverse-Engineering (Both software and hardware. Decompilation, Deobfuscation, etc. We offer reverse engineering mentoring in several languages. Not just limited to C/C++ like many other reverse engineerig courses)
  • IoT Exploitation (Teaching you how to scan for and hack the Internet of Things. From using basic known exploits, to developing your own weaponized zero-day polymorphic shellcode to mass-infect IoT devices)
  • Browser-Based Exploitation (Bypasses for browser protection mechanisms such as CORS, SOP, XSS Auditors, HSTS, and more. In addition to this we will dive into exploitation of underlying browser technology such as the Webkit and Blink englines, to give you an idea of how to develop your own remote browser exploits

Bug Bounty Training
1 HOUR: $65

10 HOURS: $500
25 HOURS: $800

Training Content:
  • Passive/Active Recon (Various reconnaisance methods used to map out your attack surface, alowing you to find obscure assets and endpoints that other bug hunters will tend to miss. Includes both public and private recon techniques, alongside methods of automating this entire process.)
  • Private Filter Bypasses (Various private bypass techniques for modern WAF/IDS Software, plus bypasses for mechanisms such as SOP and CORS in order to make your PoC appear to be higher impact)
  • Report Writing Training (Mentoring on how to properly write and style your bug reports in order to make the job easier for the security team triaging your reports, and in order to convey the full impact of the bug that you are reporting, in order to maximize your payout.).
  • Tools and Tip (A generic yet extensive collection of useful tools and the best way to utilize them in an efficient manner for bug bounty hunting. Includes private tricks that can be used by such tools.)
  • Private tricks to score more bounties (Some tricks will be shared that are not known outside of very close-knit circles. These will allow you to send your bounty profits through the roof.)

Programming and Application Deveopment Mentoring:
1 HOUR: $35

10 HOURS: $250
25 HOURS: $450

Training Content:
  • ANY modern languages (We are able to offer programing training in practically any modern langauge available)
  • Deep explanation of the fundamentals (The fundamentals of programming and computer architecture will be explained in detail, so that you really know what's going on behind the scenes when you run your code.)
  • Challenges set by us (We will set you custom programming lanauges based on your skill level, these challenges will become more advance as you advance in terms of skill).
  • Tools and Tip (We will teach you secret tips and tricks which can be used to optimize your code, both at run-time and for improvements of development speed)

Hacking like a Ninja
1 HOUR: $85

10 HOURS: $750
25 HOURS: $1000
The reasoning for such steep prices regarding this specific training content is that it contains mostly private methods and techniques which you simply will not find anywhere on the likes of Google. Some of these methods are known only to members of [Only registered and activated users can see links Click here to register], whereas others will be found only within tight-knit circles of hackers or bug hunters. Many of the techniques taught here mirror that of APT groups, such as the ability to abuse web-based vulnerabilities for the purpose of creating false flags and making the threat actor appear to be an individual or a nation state who wasn't even involved. These mentoring sessions will be taught personally by our CEO.

Training Content:
  • Methods of auditing SCADA/HVAC/ICS (Identifying and building exploit payloads for Industrial Control Systems or National Critical Infrastructure)
  • Methods of auditing IoT devices (Identifying such devices, probing them for weaknesses, and developing weaponized exploits, and explanations on how they can be used to develop mirai-like botnets)
  • Abuse of web-based attack vectors to set false flags (Methods of making it look like a person, organization, or even nation state of your choosing was responsible for the attack. For example, we can demonstrate to you how to make a remote attack appear to be (and dismissed as) an insider breach)
  • Ghost in the Shell (Techniques to make you appear to be a ghost once access has been gained to a compromised system. Even the most vigilant of sysadmins won't be able to find you!)
  • Silent vulnerability identification (Techniques to perform reconnaisance and probe for vulnerabilities without alerting the sysadmin in a way that if they were to view their access_log then nothing would seem out of the ordinary)
  • Custom exploit development techniques (Teaching of our custom methodologies used to find zero-day exploits, and various methods of doing so that aren't really available to the general hacking community)
  • Access to private research (Unlimited access to our private research notes used for both blackbox and whitebox security testing)
  • Custom Tools (Access to our custom tools used for exploit research, vulnerability identification, mapping out an attack surface efficiently, and also including some of our private zero-day exploits)
  • Hijacking Botnets (Methods of identifying and locating Botnet C2's, before explanations that involve either hijacking the botnet, or sinkholing it in order to prevent it from being operateal and instead being available for analysis)
  • SUPER SECRET TECHNIQUES (Many many more techniques and methods of exploitation which we cannot mention here without giving away too much information)

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